Managed Services

We're your partner from day one, from the new office all the way to your first million. The first step to success in today's world is a well-planned network system. We can help you design this network, that will allow your employees to seamlessly collaborate while experiencing zero disruptions to their productivity.

We pride ourselves on our prompt response to emergencies and our preventive maintenance that catches pain-points before they arise in the wild. We optimize your systems so you can get back to doing what you do best. To keep from slowing you down, our local team communicates with you in plain non-technical language that you'll understand. Get total peace of mind with our managed services and never lose an hour of work to a technology problem again. If you want to get back to business and let Sevaa Group manage your IT needs, contact us today for more information!

Our Process:


First we will review your existing tech infrastructure to determine the areas that need attention. This includes networking, general hardware, everything that impacts your business' performance.


Once we have taken an initial look at your infrastructure, we will sit down and identify what needs to be done, and what will be required to do so. We'll prepare a formal report for you to review, and ensure everything is to your satisfaction.


Our IT team will implement the changes we have laid out quickly and professionally with as little disruption to your day to day functions as possible.


Once the changes have been made, we won't pack up and disappear. Our local team will always be a quick phone call or email away, to answer any questions you may have, or quickly respond to issues that arise.