Modern web applications can be one of a companies' most valuable assets, and Sevaa Group has the knowledge and experience to provide the appropriate solution for your business' needs. We work with a wide variety of frameworks and technologies to ensure we have the tools available to meet any project's requirements. These include but are not limited to: Drupal, Wordpress, Sitecore, iOS, Android, as well as other custom web applications using various frameworks. Please contact us to discuss project specifics, or with any questions you may have.

Our process:


The first step is simple. Reach out to us and we'll have a discussion to help figure out how best to accomplish whatever it is you're looking to accomplish.


Next, we have a discovery meeting where we sit down together to go over your project in detail. Here, everything will be laid out on the table, and we'll go through the plan until we reach a point where you feel comfortable with the outline and wish for us to get to work on your project.


Now for the fun part. Our team of developers gets to work on writing the code that brings your project to life. We regularly update you throughout this process to ensure you're kept in the loop, using plain language that won't give you a headache.


Next, we review the project with you, and if done to your satisfaction, we will either deploy it to the internet for you, or deliver the code if you wish to do so yourself.


Finally, we will maintain your project to keep it secure and up to date as well as regularly check in with you throughout the life of the application to ensure it is performing and functioning as you require.