Redesign with Content in Mind

It’s time to bring your website into the 21st century. But before you start redesigning with fancy image slideshows, catchy header images and various plugins, consider the most of important part of your website: the content. Create a content strategy before you build out the design for a website that’s tailored to your audience. The “Content … Read More

Illustration of ambulance pointing to illustration of laptop with code.

Making a Career Switch to Web Development

Each month, Sevaa Group helps to sponsor and organize the Atlanta JavaScript Meetup group. This month, we started the meetup with a discussion about transitioning to a programming career as a “non-coder” with Joshua Martin (@manuscriptmast) and Chris Malloy (@chris_malloy17). Their experience is grounded in the fact they were both students of music before becoming … Read More

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Six Simple Steps for Planning Your Website’s Redesign

Every website has a shelf life. Times change and with these changes your website needs to keep up, staying one step ahead of your competition. An outdated website can easily damage your company’s credibility, youthfulness and could eventually cause a loss in clients. Before beginning a website redesign, you have to plan for exactly what … Read More

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Six Simple Website Mistakes to Avoid

Having a good website is crucial in this day in age to your business. Millions of companies have their own unique websites with different formats and plug-ins. There is no magic formula for creating the best website BUT there are universal things that can stop websites from reaching their full potential. Here are six simple … Read More

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