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Desktop on a split color background to show art icons on right side and analytics side on left side.

What’s the Difference Between UI and UX Designers?

With tech companies focused on creating interfaces for specialized screens, the need to fill design roles has emerged. Designers have to grab users’ attention as well as offer an engaging experience that guides them accordingly. UI and UX work together and are often combined, but play different roles in the life cycle of an application. … Read More

Maintain Your Drupal Site for Optimal User Experience

Your¬†new Drupal website is launched and running smoothly, now what? It’s important to perform routine “check-ups” on your website to make sure it’s healthy and to maintain its performance. Here are 4 aspects to¬†consider in order to ensure your users come back for an optimal experience.   1. Module Updates Get rid of modules that … Read More

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