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Optimize Link Building with Internal Links

Imagine the Internet as a roadmap. Every website or destination is linked by an intricate weaving of links or roads. Links, whether they’re outside or inside your website, guide users and search engines alike. They allow major search engines, like Google and Bing, to crawl your site and index information for SERPs. Link building is … Read More

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How Often Should You Update Your Sitemap?

If your website doesn’t have a sitemap yet, you’re missing out on a valuable aspect of your SEO strategy! Sitemaps help speed up the indexing process, therefore optimizing your chance of ranking high on SERPs. Instead of crawling multiple pages and links on your website, bots and crawlers can simply visit your sitemap to find … Read More

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Help Crawlers Index Your Website with an XML Sitemap

What is an XML Sitemap? Every business strives to rank number one on search engines, and that means improving, changing, and updating your SEO strategy with each new trend. One constant is the fact that bots determine your rank by crawling your site. This means they crawl each site for the information they deem relevant … Read More

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