Seattle skyline with DrupalCon logo in the background.

5 DrupalCon Seattle Sessions We’re Looking Forward To

We’re counting down the days until DrupalCon Seattle! This year, the con has a bit of a different layout. There will be five tracks: Builder – for people who build Drupal sites Agency Leadership – for agency owners and sales leaders Content and Digital Networking – for Drupal backend users Executive Summit – for decision-makers … Read More

Drupal logo pointing to GitLab fox logo.

Drupal Migrates to GitLab

Drupal made a big announcement last month…they’re moving to GitLab!¬† Drupal migrated to Git back in 2012 and has since grown in the open source community. As a result, the need to improve developer tooling arose. Although Drupal tools and practices are top-notch in the open source community, there is always room for improvement.   … Read More

What Does the GitHub Acquisition Mean for Developers?

In June of 2018, Microsoft made the announcement that they had officially¬†acquired GitHub. This has inevitably generated debate among the development community. Microsoft began as a means for collaboration in order to build a microcomputer known as MITS Altair 8800. With a foundation in open source, the company has since veered away from that pillar. … Read More

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