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5 SEO Tricks for E-Commerce Websites

Every business is different, therefore, your SEO strategy should be personalized to fit the needs of your website. This is especially true for e-commerce websites. While the basic pillars of SEO remain, you’ll need to tailor your strategy to accommodate your users. A quick refresher: SEO, or search engine optimization, is a form of web … Read More

Optimize Your Content for Voice Search

Voice search became popular with the introduction of Amazon Echo in 2016 and Google Home in 2017. Now, people use voice search on a daily basis – in their car, at home, in the office. Modern devices make use of the technology, and the number of voice-activated speakers on the market has grown. We can … Read More

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Sevaa Explains Keyword Research

In our overview of SEO foundations, we highlighted 7 important pillars that affect your SEO ranking: Meta-information: Incorporate keywords into titles and descriptions. Relevant Content: Write with knowledge of your subject – keywords and relevancy will naturally follow. Social Media Optimization: Get your content out there! Do more than simply posting to your timeline. Linking: … Read More

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