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Cybersecurity: Web Safety 101

Privacy has been a hot topic this year, especially when it comes to the various online platforms that we use daily. With a major Facebook data breach, new GDPR requirements, Chrome 68’s SSL certificate policy, and more cybersecurity news, it’s become increasingly important for users to be educated. Once a place to explore freely, hackers … Read More

Maintain Your Drupal Site for Optimal User Experience

Your¬†new Drupal website is launched and running smoothly, now what? It’s important to perform routine “check-ups” on your website to make sure it’s healthy and to maintain its performance. Here are 4 aspects to¬†consider in order to ensure your users come back for an optimal experience.   1. Module Updates Get rid of modules that … Read More

The Ultimate Drupal Checklist

Much like proofreading an essay, it’s important to scan your Drupal website with a fine-tooth comb before deploying. It may seem tedious but ensuring that the site is secure and working properly will save you from stress and upset down the road. Clients will appreciate your level of attention to their project. Here’s a comprehensive … Read More

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cPanel Conference 2017

Sevaa is serious about making sure our team has the necessary certifications and experience to do quality work, whether it be front end development or IT maintenance. Last month, we sent one of our very own systems administrators, Ryan Southern to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to attend the cPanel Conference, where he became certified in the … Read More

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