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Six Simple Steps for Planning Your Website’s Redesign

Every website has a shelf life. Times change and with these changes your website needs to keep up, staying one step ahead of your competition. An outdated website can easily damage your company’s credibility, youthfulness and could eventually cause a loss in clients. Before beginning a website redesign, you have to plan for exactly what … Read More

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Team Member Profile – Ryan Southern

What is your current role with Sevaa Group? What do you do on a day-to-day basis? Systems Administrator: Managing our hosting infrastructure. Remote Support Technician Maintain: Maintain our managed services client’s networks and help when issues arise.   How did you get into the web-hosting field? Craigslist. I had taken a semester off from school … Read More

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Catch Sevaa at DrupalCamp Atlanta!

The time is almost upon us! DrupalCamp Atlanta finally kicks off this Friday! Sevaa is one of the diamond sponsors of the event so make sure to come out and support. At the event, make sure to stop by the Sevaa booth. You’ll get the opportunity to meet the team, talk all things Drupal, and … Read More

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Six Simple Website Mistakes to Avoid

Having a good website is crucial in this day in age to your business. Millions of companies have their own unique websites with different formats and plug-ins. There is no magic formula for creating the best website BUT there are universal things that can stop websites from reaching their full potential. Here are six simple … Read More

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Build a Drupal 8 Bootstrap Subtheme with SASS

As of the release of Bootstrap 8.x-3.0-rc2 on August 3rd, 2016 the Bootstrap theme comes with its own SASS starterkit packed in. I recommend using that instead of creating your own from the LESS starterkit, and we now have a guide about exactly how to put the Drupal 8 Bootstrap SASS Starterkit in place. You … Read More

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DrupalCon Los Angeles Talks We Don’t Want to Miss

Our bags are packed and we’re headed out to sunny Los Angeles for a week of Drupal-filled goodness. Ever look at a conference schedule and feel your head start to spin? We know the feeling. We don’t want to miss a moment of the great conference we have ahead of us. So, the best plan … Read More

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We’re Packing for DrupalCon!

We’re heading to DrupalCon next week, along with about 4,000 of our closest friends! Drupal is an open-source software package that we use for so many different things. It makes content management a cinch for our clients, it’s amazingly flexible, and it scales really well. Long story short–we like Drupal, and we’re really happy to … Read More

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