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Welcome, Megan Bader!

We are excited to have Megan join our growing team as a Sales Representative! Here’s a quick take to get to know Megan. Be sure to connect with her on LinkedIn! What drew you to the tech industry and Sevaa? I come from a customer-facing role in FinTech and learned a lot about what happened … Read More

Caricatures of Ryan, Ed, Dan, and Cameron.

Sevaa Reflects on the Best of 2017

A lot has happened in 2017: major natural disasters, political tweets, important social clapbacks, new iPhone, etc. We stayed productive amidst the fast-paced changes going on around us and found solace in the little things. The team reflects on the best of 2017, everything from our favorite taco from Taqueria del Sol to the best … Read More

Portrait of Joseph at bowling alley.

Exit Interview with Summer Intern, Joseph Ongchangco

For the past two summers, we’ve worked with upcoming tech students in hopes of inspiring direction and teaching a few basic skills. This year, we welcomed recent high school graduate, Joseph Ongchangco. Joseph was interested in hosting and hardware, so he worked with Sevaa’s systems administrator, Ryan, who taught him as much as he could … Read More

Portrait of Dan at restaurant.

Team Member Profile – Dan Hansen

What’s your current role with Sevaa Group? What do you do on a day to day basis? I’m a developer, which means I spend all day complaining about code. Could be mine, could be someone else’s, but it is always complaining. How did you get into the web-hosting field? By hosting my own web sites! … Read More

Portrait of Ryan at bowling alley.

Team Member Profile – Ryan Southern

What is your current role with Sevaa Group? What do you do on a day-to-day basis? Systems Administrator: Managing our hosting infrastructure. Remote Support Technician Maintain: Maintain our managed services client’s networks and help when issues arise.   How did you get into the web-hosting field? Craigslist. I had taken a semester off from school … Read More

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