Drupalcamp Florida logo in front of Sevaa blue pie logo.

Gold Sponsor for DrupalCamp Florida

It’s been a while (at least 2 years) since we’ve attended an in-person event. We’re excited to announce that we’re not only attending, we’re also a sponsor of DrupalCamp Florida next month! There’s still time to register for the camp so you can join us. As a supporter of DrupalCamps for over 10 years, we’re looking forward to seeing familiar faces and to introducing our newest member, Will Allison, to the community.

The Drupal community has always been a very welcoming and inclusive group. Much of the focus for camps and cons is on education and building connections. With Will as our newest member, we wanted him to get his footing within the community and understand the draw behind this open-source CMS.

Looking Forward to Drupal 9

At the front of our mind is the upcoming Drupal 7 end of life in November of this year. We’re in the process of upgrading all of our clients to Drupal 9 and have already done so for PushBlack Now and CancerQuest. As most attendees will know, the EOL for both Drupal 7 and 8 comes with a few caveats:

  • The Drupal community will halt creating new projects, bug fixes and documentations for this version.
  • There will no longer be anymore Drupal 7 commits or core support.
  • Using Drupal 7 past EOL may flag your site as “insecure” in 3rd party scans.

While a jump from Drupal 8 to Drupal 9 is just a matter of removing deprecated code, the migration from Drupal 7 can be a bigger level of effort including configuration migration, code conversion, theme rebuilding, and content migration.

Come by the booth to meet with Will and enter for a chance to win an Elgato stream deck! Whether you need us as consulting parters or you want to be more hands off, Sevaa Group is flexible and can help alleviate pain points. Let’s talk shop and see how we can help. Schedule a time to chat with Will one-on-one at the camp.

See you at #FLDC2022!

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