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Asset Lifecycle Management often falls by the wayside when dealing with many complex, interrelated technologies. Proactive monitoring and management of the technology asset lifecycle is critical to any size organization. Building a formal plan for upgrade and replacement of network resources and software contributes to higher ROI for all technology investments and ensures an adequate security posture for the organization.

Is It Time to Upgrade Your Software?

Most recent in software news, support for Windows 7 ended on January 14, 2020. In addition, support for Windows Server 2008 ended around the same time as well. For the consumer, this means that Microsoft no longer releases security patches to address new critical security vulnerabilities that are uncovered in the software by malicious actors. If you are still using Windows 7 or Server 2008, your devices may become more vulnerable to security risks such as ransomware and network breaches.

Is It Time to Upgrade Your Hardware?

As a rule of thumb, Sevaa Group recommends a baseline hardware lifecycle of 5 years for server equipment and 3 years for workstations and laptops. This correlates with a hardware age where we see the risk of failure increase exponentially, as well as the time when manufacturer warranty becomes prohibitively expensive to maintain. While these baseline recommendations can be stretched significantly based on the individual organization, adhering to a fixed asset lifecycle will typically result in real cost savings for the organization.

Refresh with Sevaa Group

Sevaa Group acts as a trusted technology partner for your organization. We’ve helped our clients manage everything from custom databases to website security. Start by reaching out to schedule a free consultation to determine your current hardware and software health. Our proprietary Sevaa Wellness Agent is available to provide the endpoint visibility and reporting required for an effective Asset Lifecycle Management process. Sevaa Professional Services are available for any on-site or network upgrade needs you may have.

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