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Sevaa has been providing comprehensive hosting, development and maintenance services since 2001. We pride ourselves on being more than just a service provider, we strive to be a strategic partner for your organization. This year, Sevaa will continue to expand our team and our product line, starting with our new Executive Business Review (EBR) program. Through our Executive Business Review process, we are able to offer a high-level perspective for our clients’ business strategy.

What is an Executive Business Review (EBR)?

The Executive Business Review program is meant to ensure close strategic alignment between your technology and business goals. At each meeting, Sevaa provides a high-level overview of our work for you each quarter. The process is designed to maximize your ROI, and unveil opportunities that can optimize your company’s growth through your digital platform. Our EBR takes a comprehensive look at the data from your hosting, development, and maintenance initiatives, and puts it into an easy-to-digest format that lends itself to actionable suggestions.

Whether we’re managing a website or hosting your application, an EBR can provide value. We provide all of the information, from network security to front-end usage, so that you can prioritize goals and understand the health of your environment.

Benefits of an EBR

To begin building an EBR, we start by gathering all of the data. This includes scans that provide insight for SEO, site speed, security, application usage, application health and more. We then take all of the data from these scans and add context, offer suggestions, and identify action items. From a high-level, an EBR keeps you in touch with your application’s health so that you don’t have to wade through all of the numbers and technical jargon. In addition, an EBR allows us to:

  • Highlight the ROI of your product/service so that you can add value for your own customers
  • Have a direct and honest discussion about pain points, general health, and areas of improvement
  • Give a high-level overview of what we’ve been working on to optimize your application
  • Keep in touch with you, your team, and your business so that we stay on track with your goals

Get Started with an EBR

We’ve already put our EBR to practice with clients such as Buckhead Christian Ministry. Not only do we provide support on a daily basis, we also provide solutions that help them serve their own clients efficiently. With their mission in mind, we offer our expertise and services on various levels including support, website maintenance, and business strategy. As we continue to grow this year, we’re working to build relationships with our current customers as well as new prospects. An EBR is just one way we can provide value for your business. Get started with an Executive Business Review today.

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