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In the past decade, and especially the past year, blockchain has become a very popular idea, and its place in business is becoming more prevalent. Blockchain is essentially a secure, stored database that holds a large amount of continually expanding records. Its special characteristics, like large capacity and easy shareability, set it apart from other databases. Additionally, blockchain is extremely protected, making it virtually impossible for unwanted intruders to gain access. Blockchain is beneficial for those in the computer science field in order to hold classified data or for hospitals to hold patient records. But what does blockchain mean for development?

In a nutshell, one of the roles of development is to streamline tasks through automation. A huge part of development is transactions. The security and accountability of these transactions are very important, and blockchain can help ensure that they are safeguarded.


What is Blockchain Technology?

In basic terms, blockchain is a list of records, called blocks, that involves cryptography. It is used for bitcoin transactions and other protected transfers of information. I am currently working on a project surrounding blockchain and its potential. My class is mostly medicine related, but the information I have learned can be applied to any area. Blockchain is the safest way to transfer information. It includes a lot of encryption, keeping it protected, but it also allows you to edit what’s stored in the blockchain. It’s amazing how much data one ‘block’ can hold, and it’s extremely beneficial across a wide range of subjects.


How Does Blockchain Affect Businesses?

Blockchain positively affects businesses because of its many benefits and few drawbacks. The storage within blockchain is incredible, allowing businesses to store as much information as they want. They can also go back and edit the information or transaction, keeping it up to date. Another huge benefit of blockchain is its shareability – users can share this information with as many people as needed, but the information cannot and will not be copied. This promises protection of the information and accessibility for those who are permitted.


How Does it Affect Developers?

As stated before, a large portion of development is transactions. These transactions can be secured and shared at the same time through blockchain. This ensures protection and allows both ends of the transaction to feel safe in their business ventures. These transactions can also be edited and added to, as blockchain can store massive amounts of information. Blockchain removes a lot of concern about protection, reliability, and accessibility, commonly associated with current transaction methods of information storage. Sevaa can help manage these transactions and work alongside you to make sure your development outside of blockchain is just as secure and reliable.

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