Laptop with example of SERP with Google My Business listing.

If you aren’t using Google My Business, you’re missing out on valuable online real estate to promote your company. With your account, you’ll have the ability to build a detailed profile that will show up as a listing on SERPs when users search for your business or businesses like yours. Here’s what our listing looks like on mobile SERPs:

Screenshot of Sevaa's Google My Business listing.

Google My Business allows you to highlight important aspects of your company like contact information, address, website, and photos. When it comes to how users search for businesses, this is especially useful for voice search. So when a user asks Alexa to call Sevaa Group, the device can quickly refer to the listing and find the information it needs.


Google My Business API 4.3

Last month, Google announced version 4.3 of the Google My Business API. Geared towards developers, the API allows companies to take their listing to the next level in order to stand apart from the competition. With the new API, developers and business owners can include features like:

  • Provide FAQs on your listing
  • See all reviews from multiple locations
  • See unclaimed locations that Google thinks your business might own or be associated with
  • Report any location issues
  • Include a price list for items such as food and/or services
  • Include captions for photos and videos
  • View the number of times a location was shown in a SERP
  • Receive notifications for organization accounts and location groups all in one place
  • Show all locations associated with a single account


What does this mean for your business?

This is great news for your business! Adding details to your listing only help your chances of being found on Google. The more information you can provide, the more likely search engines and voice search devices will reference your listing. While getting started with Google My Business is relatively simple, adding these API features may be a bit more technical. Sevaa Group has our own listing and knows the ins and outs of Google My Business. Talk to us about how you can integrate this feature in time for the holidays!




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