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IT automation has been a hot topic in DevOps for quite some time now. In fact, it’s become less of a trend and more of a necessity. The idea of automation has always been accompanied by a negative sense of replacement. However, automation promotes efficiency and frees up your time for more important aspects of your business.

Businesses can use automation to streamline various processes including marketing tasks, data collection, and sysadmin procedures. Every automation is unique to your business goals. Before you start automating, determine where your business needs assistance. Perhaps you need help organizing a large amount of research or you want to eliminate the manual process of integrating contact form information to a CRM. Begin by finding your business’s weak points and understand the automation that is already in place.


Where to Start with Automation

Determine the baseline of your current automation process if you already have one in place. Consult with Sevaa Group for an automation maturity assessment. This assessment will find gaps in your process and provide a foundation on which to build your automation strategy. We’ll review your current IT infrastructure and software processes as well as work with you to determine what your company’s goals are and how we can achieve them through automation.

A maturity assessment is commonly categorized into levels:

  1. Your automation processes are predominantly manual and lack control.
  2. You automate tasks using scripts, but automation still doesn’t address gaps in your processes.
  3. You’ve integrated tools to help address gaps in processes, and you’re capturing metrics for KPIs.
  4. You’ve optimized the automation processes by automating your automation!

Which level are you at? Once you answer this question, we can figure out where we can make improvements in your automation process. This will establish a baseline that we can build off of to determine goals and measure success.


The Benefits of Automation

The benefits of automation are plentiful! It’s an aspect of business we should take advantage of, not be afraid of. Not only does it take care of menial tasks, but it also gives you more time for more important things like engaging with your audience. Benefits of automation also include:

  • Less human errors
  • Efficient allocation of resources
  • Reduce production costs and increase profit margins

Beginning the automation process may seem overwhelming and technical. Sevaa Group begins with a discovery phase to identify processes that are already in place and weak points that can be improved. We’ll take care of the technical side of things so that you can continue to run your business.

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