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The first thing I do when I come into the office: open Slack. It’s Sevaa’s main line of team communication, and it’s become pretty popular among other tech companies. We use Slack to create to-do lists, progress reports, set reminders, and decide where to eat lunch. More specifically, you can use Slack to:

  • Organize conversations by topic, project, tags, etc.
  • Message or call individual team members
  • Share and edit documents
  • Archive conversations and files
  • Customize notifications

These are just a few of the many advantages to using Slack. But one of the biggest benefits is it’s ability to integrate with other familiar applications like Dropbox, GSuite, or Salesforce. This allows us to organize our workflow in a single platform.

In 2016, Slack announced their integration with Salesforce in order to extend their outreach. This meant, in addition to the tech industry, more corporate companies would be inclined to use the software. Salesforce is a CRM (customer relationship management) platform used for sales and marketing. Companies use Salesforce to:

  • Organize customers and leads
  • Automate tasks
  • Streamline workflow and engage with customers in a timely manner
  • View analytics to determine marketing strategy

Salesforce aims to help you maintain the relationship you have with your customers. With the data gathered by Salesforce, you can tailor your outreach and sales strategy to engage leads and turn them into clients.


Integrate Slack and Salesforce

If you use both Slack and Salesforce, this integration makes your life a little bit simpler. By integrating the two, you’ll have the ability to search for leads, customers, and records directly in the Slack platform. You can share information and updates from Salesforce into any Slack channel. Simply type any of the three commands into Slack to pull info straight from Salesforce:

  • /pipeline [number]: Show the top Salesforce leads
  • /contact [name]: Search contacts by name
  • /case [subject:description]: Create a case from Slack

The easiest way to set up Slack and Salesforce is through Salesforce’s marketplace, AppExchange. AppExchange allows you to install, create, and publish apps.

  1. First, install the Salesforce integration to Slack from the Slack App Directory.
  2. Next, install the Slack app on AppExchange.
  3. Finally, once you’ve installed both apps, click the “Link to Slack” button on any supported Salesforce page and follow the instructions to connect to the desired Slack channel.

Pretty simple, right? Three easy steps and you can bring your CRM into your messaging app for quick communication. Slack continues to grow with their integration options, and we appreciate the ability to streamline our workflow. We’re here to help you integrate these two great apps. In fact, any way we can make your job a little easier, we’re up to the task. Whether it involves hosting, development, or maintenance, we’re ready!

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