This summer, we welcomed Katie Bates as our content intern. She began the internship hoping to learn more about social media, copywriting, and coding. We showed her the ins and outs of creating solid blog posts in WordPress and the process of featuring those posts across multiple social media platforms. In addition, she worked with one of our developers to learn new coding languages.

With an initial minimum of four blog posts throughout the five-week internship, Katie far surpassed our expectations! She wrote 7 blogs posts and even picked up a few new coding languages in the process.

How would you describe our company culture?

Katie: The culture at Sevaa is productive and laidback with room for creative freedom. During my time here I had tasks that needed to be done, but how I wanted to do them and in what order was completely up to me. And of course, there is a lot of creative freedom that goes into writing blogs.


How did the internship stand up to your expectations?

K: The internship not only stood up to my expectations but exceeded them. Sevaa Group made sure that I not only completed the tasks that were related to the topic I chose (Social Media Specialist), but they also provided projects and resources to learn other things I am interested in, like coding.


What was the best part of your job at Sevaa Group?

K: There was nothing less than the best at this job, but I’d have to say getting to learn things that I’m genuinely interested in was definitely an amazing experience. I remember the first time Nikki showed me how to use WordPress; I was so excited to learn how to edit articles and how they show up on browsers.


What skills were you expecting to learn prior to the internship?

K: I was expecting to learn the ropes of marketing and social media for a company – blogs, analytics on website traffic, and how to boost a website and social media account.


What skills did you gain by the end of the internship?

K: During my time at Sevaa Group I gained skills in researching topics and ideas for blogs based on news and trending topics, writing and editing blogs in WordPress, boosting the blogs on social media, and analyzing traffic to the company website. I also learned the coding basics in HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, and Ruby.


Did you feel the work was a valuable experience in relation to your studies?

K: Yes, Sevaa Group not only allowed me to learn more about the things I am interested in, but I also learned a lot about myself and what kind of job I’d like to have in the future. The things I learned during these past five weeks were so widespread – ranging from coding in HTML to how to attract visitors to our website. I feel like I have more options in what I feel passionate about and could possibly make a career out of.


Was there anything you wanted to learn more about that didn’t get covered?

K: No, I learned everything that I wanted to and more. This was an amazing learning experience, and I’m so appreciative to Sevaa Group and TAG-Ed for the opportunity.


What was your favorite memory from working with Sevaa Group?

K: While I loved every bit of this job and the work I completed while here, I’ll never forget the people I worked with and the fun times we had together. Everyone at Sevaa Group is so welcoming and kind. I’m going to miss this internship and the people I had the privilege of knowing through it!

We were so honored to have Katie join us this summer. Not only was she extremely productive, she also got along with everyone! A somewhat bittersweet goodbye we say to Katie. Although she won’t be in the office every day, we’re excited to announce that she’ll continue writing blog posts for us in the very near future! Keep an eye out.

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