If you’re new to Drupal, welcome! You can now proudly call yourself a Drupaler. Not only is Drupal a powerful CMS, it’s also a tight-knit community, and the resources are endless. Your fellow Drupalers are always willing to give advice and work out problems with you. Chances are, they’ve experienced the same issues. From forums to newsletters, you can reach out to peers and find educational information to help you navigate the wide world of Drupal. Here are some essential resources for Drupal developers.


1. Drupal.org

Drupal.org is your home base for all things Drupal. Sign up to receive Drupal news, updates, and announcements. If you’re representing a company who offers Drupal Services, it’s a good idea to share case studies and contact information here. Drupal is an open source community, which gives you the ability to contribute to many projects.

Drupal homepage.


2. Drupal Groups

Drupal.org even has a forum where all Drupalers can gather to communicate about projects, problems, and discoveries. Local user groups and Drupal camps promote on this forum, so keep an eye out for events in your area. The forum allows you to access popular content and upcoming meetups.


3. Slack

Join Drupal on Slack along with 8,000+ members! You’ll have access to the #announcements and #support channels where you can chat with other Drupalers about their experiences. If you get stuck on a Drupal project, you can go to the #support channel to see who else might have the same problem.


4. Drupal Planet

Drupal Planet is a gathering place for Drupal-related blog posts aggregated from around the web. These blog posts are about everything from code to marketing. There is also a Spanish/Portuguese list of feeds at Planeta Latinoamericano. If your company is heavily involved with Drupal, you might consider contributing to Drupal Planet. They accept tutorials, case studies, module and theme announcements, and more. Check out the guidelines.


5. The Weekly Drop 

Stay up to date on the latest Drupal news. Sign up for the Weekly Drop to receive news and links in your inbox every week on Thursday.


6. Cons and Camps

DrupalCon is held every year in a different state. This year, Sevaa went to Nashville to attend and participate in the con. The con consists of various sessions, after parties, and a giant exhibit section where you can get free swag and talk to people. DrupalCamps are a bit smaller and are usually set up by regional Drupal groups. For example, there’s a DrupalCamp in Atlanta every year! If you’re in the area, you can sign up to attend or submit a proposal to participate. The cons and camps are great places to learn something new and make lasting connections. The more cons and camps you attend, the more you’ll run into familiar faces.

DrupalCon staistics.
Source: events.drupal.org


7. Drupal Twitter

Follow @drupal on Twitter, along with 71,000+ followers! Get more Drupal news and announcements on a platform that you’re probably already using. You’ll get announcements about the latest event news and any important core updates. In addition, you can follow @drupalsecurity for important advisories and security-related news. This is really important if you create Drupal websites for other clients.



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