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With Drupal developers who have over a decade of experience, Sevaa is well-versed in creating Drupal websites, especially for verticals like higher education and law firms. Our developers particularly enjoy creating Drupal sites for non-profits, which present unique challenges and are paired with highly-motivated clients often standing behind a unifying purpose. These 5 Drupal module recommendations serve to enhance non-profit websites and promote greater outreach to inform others about their cause.

1. Translation Management Tool (TMGMT)

Non-profits should be accessible to everyone, and with the Translation Management Tool module you can easily translate your website. TMGMT uses and expands existing language tools in Drupal to centralize and improve your ability to deliver accurate translations to site visitors. The translations can be done by administrative users or even third-party translation services.

This module currently works on Drupal 8.

2. Drupal Commerce

One of the most important attributes of every non-profit website is the visitor’s ability to donate to your cause. With the Drupal Commerce module, you can streamline the donation process to ensure that your visitors have no trouble contributing. This is also a great module to utilize if you plan on selling merchandise with your branding on it.

Core features include:

  • Create and customize product types
  • Dynamic product displays
  • Manage orders and donations
  • Tax calculation
  • Allows various payment gateways

This module currently works with Drupal 7 and Drupal 8!

3. Media Module

Videos are increasingly popular and do a great job of encouraging brand interaction. Videos and other forms of imagery are becoming more consumed on websites because they’re easier to absorb than long paragraphs.

You make use of these types of multimedia on your website, whether it’s to promote an event or further explain your cause. With the Media module, you can manage files and multimedia assets all in one place, regardless of whether they’re hosted on your own website or a 3rd party website.

This module allows editors and administrators to upload, manage, and reuse files. Any files uploaded prior to installing the module will automatically become a part of your Media library.

This module currently works with Drupal 7 and is a part of Drupal 8 core!

4. Slick Carousel

Now that you can organize all of your multimedia files, showcase it on your website with the Slick Carousel module. Bring the most important news, announcements, and features of your cause to the forefront with this slideshow solution.

The Slick Carousel is fully responsive and offers a multitude of features including:

  • Navigation options
  • Random, autoplay, pagers, and more display options
  • Various slide layouts
  • Multimedia light boxes

This module currently works on Drupal 7 and Drupal 8!

5. Mailchimp

Newsletters are a great way to reach your followers with the latest blog posts, events, and news. One of the most popular email delivery services is MailChimp. Allow users to subscribe to your newsletter mailing list on your Drupal website using the MailChimp module.

This module allows you to integrate MailChimp onto your website as well as generate and send email campaigns directly from your site. Users will have the ability to sign up to whichever email list they wish to be on. This module is actively maintained and new features are constantly being added.

Features include:

  • Create forms to allow visitors to sign up
  • Create pages, blocks, or both in order to display forms
  • Create campaigns containing Drupal entities
  • View campaign statistics

This module currently works in Drupal 7 and Drupal 8!

These modules will set your Drupal website apart from others in the way that they allow accessibility to all users and inform them of the latest developments for your cause. Get in touch with Sevaa for assistance on implementing these modules or to talk with us about your next Drupal project.

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