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Desktop with Vinegar Tips homepage.
Vinegar Tips blue typography logo.

Vinegar Tips is a WordPress website that offers resources about everything vinegar! Visitors can find cleaning hacks, home remedies, beauty secrets, dietary benefits, recipes and more! Who knew vinegar could be so versatile.

The Issue

Vinegar Tips is a branch of Mizkan America, a global leader in liquid condiments. The website was previously built in 2012, and Mizkan wanted to modernize Vinegar Tips. However, we discovered that there was also a need to overhaul the site’s architecture. In addition, we worked to revise and update Vinegar Tips’ SEO strategy, helping them to optimize their search engine rank.

Screenshot of VinegarTips homepage on laptop before redesign.

Our Solution

In partnership with Marbury Creative Group, we tailored the new site to current reader habits such as browsing, user engaged copy, and infinite scrolling.

We started by building the bones of the website using PHP and JavaScript. This involved:

  • Creating custom post types that allowed for recipes, videos, news, etc.
  • Creating custom fields so that administrators could incorporate news URLs, manipulate the homepage slide, etc.
  • Creating menus like the social menu in the header
  • Building the templates for ajax loading

Ajax (asynchronous JavaScript and XML) loading allows the website to retrieve server data for specific elements without reloading the entire page. This makes content heavy pages load quickly.

  • Incorporating infinite scrolling which allows users to scroll freely down one page, eliminating the need for pagination. This kind of scrolling is also used on social media sites like Twitter.
  • Migrating data from the old website (like recipes) to the new site so that they fit perfectly into the updated design.

The Results

Vinegar Tips homepage after redesign displayed on laptop on wooden table.
New Vinegar Tips pages displayed on desktop, laptop, iPad, and smartphone to show responsiveness.

Vinegar Tips now has a cohesive, clean presentation that is responsive on all devices. The new site is user friendly and easy to navigate. Sevaa Group can bring your website to life with full-scale development as well as a variety of hosting packages that fit your needs and your budget. Let’s start a dialogue about your next project!

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