Sevaa logo next to DrupalCamp Atlanta peach logo with 2017 in background.

This year, Sevaa is honored to sponsor DrupalCamp Atlanta! Not only will we have our own booth with free swag, we’ll also be attending as many sessions as we can.

Here are the top three sessions that we’re looking forward to this year:

“What Am I Getting Myself Into? A Drupal 8 Crash Course for Non-Developers by Promet Source

This session kicks off the conference with a general overview of Drupal 8. Beginners will get a chance to build a Drupal 8 foundation, while advanced developers will be able to delve into aspects of Drupal 8 they might need improvement on.

Acquia Certified Drupal Developer, Margaret Plett will offer a broad introduction of Drupal 8, followed by interactive labs that will focus on everything from Drupal lingo to the essential elements of Drupal core functionality.

This session will touch on various aspects of dealing with Drupal 8 including:
How to work with a fully functional sandbox environment in order to test new Drupal skills and experiment with modules.
What to be aware of and which questions to ask your developers when accepting delivery of a new Drupal site.
How to add content to your site through Drupal 8.
Working with a Drupal environment for project managers, content editors, and marketers.

Day: Thursday (November 2)
Time: 9am – 4pm

Learn How to Build Awesome Webforms

This beginner-friendly session will provide an overview of Drupal 8’s latest module, Webform 8.x-5.x, and its various features. In addition to the new features, the Webform module also includes OO design patterns, extendable plugins, and automated tests.

With the new and improved Webform module, developers can edit source code behind a form, site builders can build forms using a multitude of new form elements, and themers can design forms with more independence and creative authority.

This session begins with an introduction to the Webform module and takes attendees through everything from selecting form elements to exporting submissions.

Day: Friday (November 3)
Time: 8:30am – 11:30am

Shifting UX to the Editorial Experience

Although the look and design of any project is extremely important, it is equally important to construct efficient and easy-to-use UX, beginning with what lies beneath the surface, the code.

More clients are shifting their focus to improving the Drupal Administration UX. This beginner-level session will study Group Nine Media and how they’re improving the Drupal user experience.

The session will ask questions such as:
How is design/UX reversing to focus on the editorial experience?
What contrib modules currently enhance the editorial experience?
How can a better editorial experience be beneficial to a client?
Where is the future of editorial experiences and Drupal heading?

Day: Saturday (November 4)
Time: 9:00am to 9:50

Our team is constantly striving to learn about various coding languages and to earn more certifications. Not only is #DCATL 2017 a chance to network and hang out, we’re also really eager absorb everything we can about Drupal! Come talk to us at our booth; tell us which sessions you’re looking forward to; grab a sticker! Register here.

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