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Sevaa is serious about making sure our team has the necessary certifications and experience to do quality work, whether it be front end development or IT maintenance. Last month, we sent one of our very own systems administrators, Ryan Southern to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to attend the cPanel Conference, where he became certified in the 2017 versions of cPanel.

cPanel is a hosting control panel that allows website owners to maintain their websites from a web-based interface. A large portion of web hosting providers use cPanel, including Sevaa. This allows website owners to have more independence over their own website with easy-to-use tools. Furthermore, it is accessible to more than just the owner, administrators and developers can control different aspects of the website or server directly through their own browser.

Every year for two days, the web hosting community comes together at the cPanel Conference in order to get insight from cPanel developers and product owners. The conference is a great place for developers and systems administrators to network and learn. With almost 20 presentations recorded this year, attendees listened to talks about everything from cPanel migration to how to make a Minecraft mod.

Ryan said favorite session at the conference was “Systemd,” presented by Ricky Alan Grassmuck Jr., a tech analyst for cPanel. In this presentation, Grassmuck gave an overview of systemd, an init system used in Linux that initiates the operating system and manage the system processes. Ricky went into detail about how to use the different components and why they are better than the alternatives. He also shared some great tips on how he uses systemd and journald everyday. Ryan labeled this his favorite session saying that Grassmuck included a clear and detailed lesson. Ryan has already started using some of the tips that Grassmuck presented, making certain tasks a little bit easier.

However, Ryan didn’t just go to this conference to learn strictly about systemd and hone his Minecraft skills, he went to obtain cPanel’s 2017 version certification and to make Sevaa proud, which he did. The certification, possible through cPanel University, required that test-takers demonstrate their knowledge of cPanel features in versions 60, 62, 64 and 66. We can proudly say that Ryan is now somewhat of an expert in cPanel, contributing to Sevaa’s skill set and credits.

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