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Portrait of Joseph at bowling alley.

Joseph in graduation cap and gown.For the past two summers, we’ve worked with upcoming tech students in hopes of inspiring direction and teaching a few basic skills. This year, we welcomed recent high school graduate, Joseph Ongchangco. Joseph was interested in hosting and hardware, so he worked with Sevaa’s systems administrator, Ryan, who taught him as much as he could over the course of the summer.

However, it wasn’t all work and no play; Joseph learned a few more things to diversify his extensive list of skills. Along with hardware, Joseph also perfected the art of dabbing and bowled for the first time!

You shadowed Sevaa’s systems administrator, Ryan. Do you have any feedback or comments about his mentorship?

Joseph: Ryan taught me how to build a website from the ground up and how to host it locally from my computer. It was very challenging yet understandable with Ryan’s guidance.
I would’ve liked to learn more about how systems administrating directly affects the clients.

What enticed you to work with hardware as opposed to software development?

Joseph: In high school, I took an embedded systems class where I had to cut wires, solder them onto other circuits, and program them. I was more curious about how each machine affected the other.

Why did you choose Sevaa as your summer internship?

Joseph: TAG-ED (a program that connects students with STEM careers) actually paired me up with Sevaa Group based on what I wanted to do and what experiences I put on my resume.

You’re about to begin your freshman year at Georgia Gwinnett College, what sort of degree are you focusing on?

Joseph: I’m focusing more in software development and learning more about other programing languages such as JavaScript and HTML.

What did you learn as a result of your internship with Sevaa, and how will the experience help you in college?

Joseph: It was definitely a learning experience for me. I learned about a lot of different programming languages and syntaxes that I had never known before.

What did you find to be the most challenging part about your internship?

Joseph: Learning how to use different software and programs that I was not familiar with.

What was your favorite memory from working with Sevaa?

Joseph: When I saw Dan’s magnificent dab.

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