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DrupalCon Los Angeles banner.

We’re heading to DrupalCon next week, along with about 4,000 of our closest friends! Drupal is an open-source software package that we use for so many different things. It makes content management a cinch for our clients, it’s amazingly flexible, and it scales really well. Long story short–we like Drupal, and we’re really happy to be sponsoring/attending the conference for the 5th year in a row.

This year the North American installment of the conference is in sunny Los Angeles, but our trip is not for the beaches and palm trees. DrupalCon is our chance as a team to take a deep dive into the nuts and bolts of our favorite open source platform and bring back valuable tools to help us serve our clients even better. So while we hope we see some waves through the convention center windows, our focus will be on enrichment and networking.

We don’t leave for a few days, but we’re working on a packing list. Here are 7 things we’d better have when we board the plane!

  1. Toothbrush

    The easiest thing to forget, so it’s going first on the list! There will be a lot of new faces for us to meet, even though we go to the conference every year, so we need to be minty fresh.

  2. Chargers Galore

    With so many awesome speakers to take in, we’ll be taxing the batteries on our phones, tablets, and laptops with note-taking and tweeting.

  3. Sevaa Swag

    We’ll be repping our company on our bodies and at the sponsor tables! Oh yeah, and a stack of business cards so we can keep in touch with our new friends. Look for our logo!
    Sevaa Group stickers in orange, blue, and green on black table.

  4. Our Walking Shoes

    This is a BIG conference, and we’ll be beating tracks between breakout rooms, social events, and keynote sessions. Not to mention all the time on our feet chatting with other attendees.

  5. A Water Bottle

    All that talking is rough on the throat! Plus it’s nicer on the environment to refill at a water fountain rather than crack open a new plastic bottle every time we get a little parched.

  6. Ear Plugs

    Hotels can be a little noisy, but with the busy days we’re planning we need to make sure we can catch some z’s!

  7. Backpack

    Perfect for a carry-on, and lots of space to bring home the books and swag we’ll be collecting all week.
    Of course, we’ve been eyeing the conference schedule too, and mapping out our game plan of can’t-miss talks. That’s up next!

What are your travel must-haves? Any tips for a successful team trip?

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