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Try User Story Mapping Before a Website Redesign

A lot of planning goes into building a website from the ground up. There are multiple steps that come before the development process can actually begin. There’s a delicate balance between the design team, the client, and the developers, but there’s one step that requires everyone’s participation: user story mapping. With this Agile approach, all … Continued

What Does the GitHub Acquisition Mean for Developers?

In June of 2018, Microsoft made the announcement that they had officially acquired GitHub. This has inevitably generated debate among the development community. Microsoft began as a means for collaboration in order to build a microcomputer known as MITS Altair 8800. With a foundation in open source, the company has since veered away from that pillar. … Continued

Cybersecurity: Web Safety 101

Privacy has been a hot topic this year, especially when it comes to the various online platforms that we use daily. With a major Facebook data breach, new GDPR requirements, Chrome 68’s SSL certificate policy, and more cybersecurity news, it’s become increasingly important for users to be educated. Once a place to explore freely, hackers … Continued

How to Integrate Slack and Salesforce

The first thing I do when I come into the office: open Slack. It’s Sevaa’s main line of team communication, and it’s become pretty popular among other tech companies. We use Slack to create to-do lists, progress reports, set reminders, and decide where to eat lunch. More specifically, you can use Slack to: Organize conversations by topic, project, … Continued

Optimize Your Retargeting Strategy

What is Retargeting? Simply put, retargeting is a form of online marketing used to “retarget” users that left your website without taking any action. A retargeting strategy aims to increase conversions using cookies. Cookies use a basic code, sometimes known as a pixel, to follow your website’s visitors. Sounds a bit intrusive, right? Thanks to … Continued

What Does Google AdWords’ Parallel Tracking Mean for Marketing?

What is Parallel Tracking? If you haven’t heard already, Google AdWords will roll out parallel tracking for all accounts starting October 30th. Parallel tracking streamlines the click tracking process in the least interruptive way possible. If you’re using AdWords, the current process looks like this: A user clicks on your ad, they’re redirected to a landing … Continued

WordPress Gutenberg Editor: A New Way to Publish

Talks about Gutenberg have been popular since the announcement to release the new system this year. But what does it mean for content creators? Sevaa Group uses WordPress often. We use it to create our own blog posts, and we use it to build functional websites for clients. It’s only natural that we question the … Continued

How to Use the Yoast SEO Plugin

We work with WordPress a lot and for good reason. Not only is it a CMS that offers a solid foundation for development, it’s easy for our clients to use. Most, if not every, WordPress website employs a blog. You might think blogs are reserved for websites about DIY projects or cooking. However, there are plenty … Continued

Interview with the Intern: Katie Bates

This summer, we welcomed Katie Bates as our content intern. She began the internship hoping to learn more about social media, copywriting, and coding. We showed her the ins and outs of creating solid blog posts in WordPress and the process of featuring those posts across multiple social media platforms. In addition, she worked with one … Continued

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